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Eco resort Blackhill Chong Qing

In the absence of regulatory requirements, Basbas / B DesignStudio  environmental team in Asia utilizes various planning analyses, such as using GIS site development suitability analysis, flood modeling, and carrying capacity calculations to direct development siting, development intensity, as well as for setting aside land for habitat and water quality protection. Best practices from previous experiences on habitat prevention, storm water management, water conservation and renewable energy use are also promoted and incorporated into local projects.
Master Planning
Basbas provides a set of strategic planning  principles that often provides a flexible design framework defining an open space, building locations, roadway and transportation systems, that can be developed  and phased over time.
The Master Plan provides principles and vision that is often times shared by public and private interests. 
Urban Planning and design requires participation of variety of disciplines including and not limited to architects, urban planners, GIS, information technologist, botanist, economist, demographers,  and ecologist, reflecting the complexity of urban resort places. The composition of the team will be explored upon consultation with you and your client’s representatives.
Our Master Planning experiences on the following areas of expertise:
  • New towns + Master Planned Communities
  • Urban Design Guidelines
  • Resort Planning
  • Strategic Development Frameworks
  • Sub Area Plans + Specific area Plans
  • Policy Plans + Programs
  • Parks, Recreation + Trails Master Plan
  • TOD Transit-oriented Development Plans
  • Town Centers + Downtowns
  • Development Capacity Plans + Density
  • Retail + Mixed Use
will provide a framework for the creation of sustainable strategy for the long term physical, social and economic development of Blackhill.

Commissioned to develop feasibility and resort plan studies: business-plan, investment strategy that addressed how much land will be developed and in what way, we will engage our experts on GIS and organize your market data and relevant information. The planning team arrive at a clear market opportunities and second home/vacation resort product types while maximizing rate of return on investments.
The scope and complexity of the project require expertise of cross-disciplinary staff which included land planners, economic specialists, facilitators and information technology specialists. Workshops are conducted together to cultivate free flow of ideas and information with the end assessment product in mind, while  discovering new and potential market increasing development activity. 
We at  B DesignStudio believe that consideration of traditions, lifestyles and market are often keys to project success. From our north american projects, hawaii, Hongkong, guam, China and other parts of Asia, we find that social history and archeology become drivers for revitalization; analysis of local population, culture, commerce and ecology shape a market product.  Additionally, VBN CNW is versed in protecting cultural and historic resources, such as artifacts from traditional societies while being ecologically sensitive on siting our buildings.
Understanding the future of almost 300 hectares means it is a lot of decisions; to find a system requires a team, land planners, economists, architects, information technology working on market-based vision for development. We believe that few weeks , on three workshops will produce a plan in which ecology is as important as the economics.
In a resort setting, regenerating and rebuilding older towns and neighborhood centers present additional challenge. 
Blackhill client is in need of new vision to recover from economic decline and to utilize and take advantage of its unique mountain location and proximity to Chong Qing’s bustling downtown centers.
It is our aim to incorporate a master plan strategy to deliver a bold and progressive change, together with a supporting regeneration strategy to ensure that everybody benefits including local communities. Our master plan preliminary strategy will be based on the following themes: 
a more pleasant location to visit,  work, live and invest
introduce new /year round attractions and facilities
introduce only native plants and non-native species; conservation of resources,
nature inspired living and healthy lifestyle; respect its cultural settings and natural systems;
bring people together thru gathering at parks and public spaces and entertainment; with its own reflection of place; restrained design for a lively community;
  • Fusion of  new culture and modernity with traditional in the local hotel and entertainment sectors.
  • An efficient mass transit; Transit Oriented Development;
  • Pedestrian-friendly town centers, retail and mix 24/7 entertainment facilities
  • A distinct residential communities in character & style,  mixed and diverse in density, land uses and functions.
  • a diverse community centered-residential products, condos and mid rise density, a vast array of theme-product plans;
  • Public transport that uses alternative energy other than gas
  • regenerate new ideas that encourages residents to participate on “beautification” drive;
development that respects nature and raises its own farms for food production, medicine and healing
minimize use of cars and encourage friendly walk & biking;
building architecture: sustainable + green building modernity + romantic allure + nature + recycled materials.
Unique Landscape Strategy:  Fusion: Nature + Built Environment
Introduce and identify business and workforce profile to understand how future job creation will be realized soonest.
delivers zero carbon development through integrated strategy for energy efficiency, on-site energy production;
renewable energy harvesting and maximize passive solar use;
on-site water treatment plant; rainwater collection for irrigation and grey water usage;

Once we have established our Site Process inventory, several weeks will be for Scoping and workshops’ sessions on several economics and feasibility issues.  We will also work with your team on “Capacity Plans” ,as we find a set of clear opportunities on land development and real estate products.
As we seek opportunities our initial master plan strategy proposes a mix of land uses, including new retail, public promenade, town centers with hotels and Inns, year-round entertainment & facilities, to position Blackhill and outlying areas as an attraction at wider sub-regional, national and international level. I see similarities in our Luxotown & Luxohills @ Chengdu development in terms of processes and magnitude of development.
In addition there is a scope for academic and research community including a science center, R&D and development facilities, bio-engineering and incubator business centers.
 A world class residential communities will be created with environmentally responsible principles including careful use of water and native planting. It will have its own clubhouse. five star hotel, health spa, theme spa, administrative facilities, community centers. A theme-gated community for safe and secure living in the midst of a unique ecosystem.
The Proposed Blackhill Integrated Resort Community Development in Chong Qing will integrate various study of its unique site. The 300-hectares  project area is rich in beautiful geological and landscape resources, with unique mountains, farmlands, pristine forest, undulating hills, and unique flora and fauna.

In the absence of clear government planning directives, B DesignStudio environmental planners will prepare a development suitability map by integrating the results from a scoping biological survey of the existing flora and fauna, spatial analyses of the physical properties of site using ArcGIS, and floodplain delineation using water modeling programs. Hopeful that the  analysis will result on good percentage % of the site being preserved. Basbas and VBN will use precise techniques to keep these unique features preserved and undeveloped.
Basbas proposed bulk/mass studies and capacity plan optimizes massing and density and proposes a compact development that minimizes building footprint. Looking at my past projects on Guam Reef and Four Seasons, the planning aim is to achieve economical targets while keeping developable area reasonable and respectful of its ecosystems.

Basbas/B DesignStudio  has successfully promoted responsible tourism and environmental management strategies to guide  clients  and to set a new benchmark for sustainable resort development in many parts of the globe.  
B DesignStudio/Basbas also uses its project experience and expertise to work with local governments in promoting responsible practices. Our aim is to bring together the background and best practices of the relatively new discipline of wetland restoration. Half of China’s wetlands have been destroyed in the past fifty years.
BASBAS VISION focus on culturally -oriented tourism as an economic catalyst that projected increase of visitors from every part of Blackhill, China and around the world in 30 years or less. This site positioned at the crossroads of a global economy and short distance from ChongQing city center. Our aim is to look for cultural tourism, master planned-residential communities and eco-tourism as its lifeblood. Besides from offering world class accommodations, it will offer leisure destinations from eco-tourism venues.
BASBAS will capitalize on the history of the project site and find the opportunities as we develop our heritage and conservation strategies.
BLACKHILL will be a cultural destination at the crossroads of Chongqing bustling expansion.
Economic Diversity
Traditional and cross of modernity: Gated Residential communities.
Eco-Towns @ gated-Township Condo
Mixed Residential density/ land uses
Shopping Town Center
Mass Transit
Daytime population
Recreational Opportunities
Night time population 
24/7 entertainment Facilities
Town Center Density
Open Space
Preservation/ Conservation
Ecological Preserves ( Eco Park)
Conservation of resources and unique flora/ fauna is a critical aim of development.  The town core is designed to encourage pedestrian friendly mobility and discourage private automobiles;  Natural Habitat will be regenerated providing aesthetic pleasure, green low carbon development, sustainable development.  VBN envisions an integration of, nature’s preservation, transportation, pedestrian friendly town center, infrastructure to architecture, across platform collaboration of complimentary disciplines, landscape architecture.  We seek to immortalize the beautiful mountains of Blackhill, respect its history, its past, as we look to the future.
Forest Park Preserve
Sculpture Park
Town Center Recreational Park
Vernacular design sensitivity
Natures Natural History
Garden of the Living
Oldest Chinese Landscape Park
Ancient Classical Chinese & Western Gardens
ECOLOGICAL DESIGN is a crucial part of our holistic study approach in creating a exemplary environment. As we understand its bio-diversity, local ecosystems, we will design built the environment to fit its natural setting, restoring its green space, mountains. flora fauna while offering its users both the beauty and inherent benefit of the forests, wetlands, watercourses.

BLACKHILL WETLAND RESTORATION it is our aim to seek an exemplar communities from this 300 hectare surrounded by its unique eco-system. We will showcase experimental research and public education center showcasing various models for wetland restoration. In an era of Climate change, Blackhill forest Community will invest on tree canopy that will provide shade and evaporative cooling as well as processing more carbon dioxide to produce oxygen. Trees will help in preventing  storm water naturally. Basbas weaves ecology into the built environment. We will design a local plant  palette, saves water, and helps communities to hold on to their cultural identities.
AS our team understands its natural setting and surrounding neighboring city identity, we will appropriately select local plant that fit its town climate and soils, providing a welcome habitat for local wildlife and flora species. Our aim is to allow people foster an interaction with nature. Through its new walkways, athletic open space, mountain lodge terraces, a safe night walk by lovers on own its town piazzas & promenade.
  • GATEWAY PIAZZA identities.

THE GATEWAY entry piazza welcomes the locals and arriving visitors with a water fountain timed to music, lights and water flow against a mountain backdrop. On a hot misty summer day, the Piazza connects itself to a boulevard, forming a multi-use recreational green corridor for the Blackhill town community.  The wide corridor accommodates pedestrians, and bike riders along with clusters of local plants, trees and gathering spaces for community events.  Tying the Parkway together is the history of Blackhill engraved with its history, mountains and water.
The possibility of delivering zero carbon development will be explored through an integrated strategy for energy efficiency, on-site energy production, and renewable energy harvesting. Strategy will be considered and discussed with client’s goals in mind.
LuxeTown Planning & Design Experience:
 Amidst of the vibrant city of Chengdu, Luxetown community  offers peace and tranquility.  It is a symbol of luxury and quality. It showcases our desire to express its natural landscape and distinct architecture.  The Luxetown Master Plan  aims to delicately craft nature + built-environment, while enhancing its surrounding hills and water. The siting of the residential units are designed to integrate nature and its sense of community. More importantly, it engages nature by maximizing views, natural light, air movement, private open space, and natural materials. 
Luxetown represents an essence of luxurious living by balancing the enjoyment of nature and the sense of communal living: nature + community. 
The focal point of Luxetown Phase iv development will be the creation of a vast recreational lake with a perimeter edge of 1,700 plus meters that stretches throughout the site. The site development will be surrounded by upscale golf courses and smaller lakes. This site design idea seeks to create a substantial lake to capture the best orientation and view of existing golf courses, smaller lakes and luxury estates. In addition, the unique position of the lake further defines a hierarchy of distinct neighborhood types.  From its romantic piazzas and vibrant town center, to the luxury high rise neighborhoods, to the famed spiral town, the lake will be the central thread thats the entire community as a gathering place. Inspired by its European rivers (The Seine) and our California lakes,  both for conservation and recreational purposes, these man-made water structures creates a sense of place and fond memories of fishing, and friendly conversations with my family and neighbors.
In addition to its cooling effect during hot summer days, the lake will also provide a social and recreational amenity for the entire family and residents to enjoy! By bringing fish and wildlife to further the natural setting, we accomplish an important venue to gather people, heal nature, its community to enjoy nature + its luxurious homes.
Its ALOHA Spirit...the Island Jewel of the Pacific
Waikoloa a paradise resort, a place to remember my loved one... is a census-designated place in Hawaii County located on the west side of the island of Hawaii.
The island of Hawaii is the largest island in the Hawaiian chain, with an area area twice as big as all other Hawaiian islands combined, and is consequently known as ” The Big Island.” It is diverse as it is large, with astonishingly unique natural wonders. Located along the Kohala Coast, our impressive Big Island Hotel is the perfect gateway to exploring the island. Hilton Waikoloa Village is located at the base of Mauna Kea, whose summit reaches to 13,796 feet. 
Visit the many museums in the area. Immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the island as you begin an unforgettable adventure - just steps away from our stunning Big Island Hawaii Hotel.
A paradise to remember....
CLIMATE   Scenic attractions: rainforests, waterfalls, tropical beaches of white, green and black sand, snow capped peaks, rolling mist-shrouded pastures, and vast fields of lava. The climate varies as widely as the landscapes, ranging from balmy mid-80’s at sea level to below freezing temperatures at the summit of 13,796-foot Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain in the world (measuring from its base on the ocean floor). 
FLORA and Fauna  Hawaii is known throughout the world for its richly flavored Kona coffee and delicately beautiful orchids, and is the largest producer of papayas, avocados, macadamia nuts and anthuriums. Here, too, are about 1,660 species of flowering plants and 45 species of birds found nowhere else on the planet, making Hawaii a paradise fro botanists and ornithologists. The summit of Mauna Kea offers astronomers some of the best viewing conditions on earth. Several of the world’s most powerful telescopes have been built there by US, French, Canadian, Japanese and British governments. A healing island, imbued with nature’s bounty and with such diversity of natural wonders and activities, an ideal climate, world class-accommodations and islanders imbued with Aloha spirit, the Big Island of Hawaii is truly an exceptional place- the island jewel of the Pacific.
This uniqueness has attracted many in pursuit of better health and well-being. It is now known as the healing island- leading the world in the use of medicine and scientific therapies in conjunction with ancient traditions. Discover the playground that is Hilton waikoloa Village. With a large array of activities for any age, this ocean front resort is the perfect setting to make memories to last a lifetime. 

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