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Batangas City Aguba project

Our Vision & Theme @

our approach and  understanding of the project & partnerships with Aguba Properties, Batangas City

By B Designstudio + Gilbert Basbas

Sense of Place, Gated & Serene...............a vision!

My partnership with Flor Aguba goes as far as our friendship has been since 10 years ago and we both have been dreaming on what to do and dream of various residential and mixed use commercial products on this property.
Countless cups of coffee and dreams of having a place to unwind and just sit with your neighbors and rediscover the loss art of “drinking Cafe Batangas” with friends and new found friends in the “Kantohan”!

It is our understanding that the following amenities are listed below for our review and comments: Our desire as your “design build develop” consultant is to  explore new opportunities and viable alternatives forming a new concept of treating landscape edges, circulation and natural resources. 
These factors form and reinforce a new land development concept on security and pedestrian circulation - a “place-making form” called “gated planned villages”  and pedestrian friendly community.

In the absence of detailed program scope, market research and performance requirements, it is critical to understand the local market studies and basis of planning. We have decided to sit down together and analyze the market and as we put our dreams together  we realized what we have been missing all along in both our journey. Together we decided to make a “place-making” mark to its neighborhood and to the town itself.’’

Our outline of works below are listed:

 We will provide you with a vision and themes of residential product types (see list of deliverables), encompassing the following program amenities on:


The planned  community is proposed to be within the 15 to 20 acres allotment.
  • Allocate ample “green” space that serves both public and private spaces creating landscape edges, tree lined roads and vehicular access to various services.
  • Well defined and articulate, well landscaped “sense of entry” at each village entry, while providing entry to individual homes, designed for exclusivity.
  • These “pockets of green  spaces” are organized into the plot to provide & encourage  privacy & personal space for “chance meeting” of friends and neighbors.
  • Provide a public gathering space encouraging public piazzas and private use within a “Park”; themed gardens that are organized to encourage kids play, biking. hiking and leisure walking by everyone.
  • Pedestrian friendly Walkways are lined with trees separating vehicular roads and private homes;  path are used for   variety of functions:  biking, jogging and leisure access to private piazzas, etc.
  • Provide  “pockets of Green “ Hardin” Piazzas” along each park encouraging use of innovative “garden materials” that uses medicinal herbs, flowering annuals both for visual imagery, color and nutritional purposes.
  • Provide and create space for Tots and Kids while encouraging interaction with parents & elderly for safe play and active lifestyle.

    • Within the park, consider a serene space for adult and passive senior seating. while enjoying activities and children play nearby; allowing safety and comfort for both users.

    •  A library cum cafe shop cum “ Barbero/ beauty parlor/retail” within a park nestled on a centrally located amphitheater providing active and passive performance & musical oriented activity by users.
    • Provide ponding basin to encourage use and recycling of rainwater (grey water) for horticultural & irrigation purposes while protecting edges from run-off storm water.
    • Create and organized each open space as a “themed-park”,  providing a variety of functions, color, design shape, and accessible to all neighbors.
      Integrate  Solar-powered capability  into lighting design of public places, park system lighting,  road and pathways and other areas.
    • Provide a multi-purpose open space for  Basketball plaza /football and other outdoor related athletic functions.
    • A place of worship and prayer (dasalan) accessible by all residents and community at large.
    • Assert to “ Batangas culture and unique provincial conventions”  in layout planning and cultural context and lifestyle as much as possible.
      Provide uniform style and unique legible graphicsignage on all homes, public amenities, street signs, etc.
    • Consider a link  to a nearby town school within the vicinity.
    • Provide  sewage treatment plant servicing the entire community and gas storage  facility.
    • Locate Fire station with safe and code compliant access to public and private dwelling.


      Provide  preferably a  single entrance to the layout.
      Provide a boastful and an opulent entrance to the layout.

    • Provide and maintained a security system on 24x7; to consider new technology on security sensors, defensible space and design of open spaces for safety, security of private homes and public amenities.
    • All utilities on: UGD, Water, Electricity, Telephone (preferably optical fibre network) must be set underground to consider utilitarian and aesthetic functions.
      • Gasoline- metered lines
        All the service lines are to be under ground .Adequate provision to be made through trenches to take the services.
      • Adequate  space  for Diesel generating station, water storage reservoirs and OHTs.-
        To ensure  uninterrupted power and water supply(24x7).


      • There will be no compound. Only picket fencing will be provided in all plots (sites/villas).
      • Provide provision for car parking space for two cars (minimum) for every plot.
      • The Villas will have maximum two  storey  construction(GF+FF).
        Typical  villas are to be developed for  each  site dimensions.
        The layout midland should not be visible  from the exterior.
        Provide visitors car parking bay/place at utility areas/buildings.The dimensions of the sites should be preferably  40x 60, 50x80, 60x90, 80x100, 100x120 (all dimensions in ft)
      • Security system in each each villa, which is connected to the central security system.


        • Provide an exclusive (Member only) Clubhouse that caters to both private and guests:  The following club amenities are listed below( based from clients program):

        • Specialty Batangas restaurant Style & international    Club
        • Swimming pool
        • Guest suites for staying Visitors.
        • Badminton court
        • Tennis Pingpong Table
        • Lawn tennis court
        • Bar
        • Conference meeting hall of international standard
        • card games suites
        • Gym
        • Health Spa
        Ensure to provide the following :

        • Fruit  and flower stall
        • Vegetable stall
        • Grocery/Wholefoods Style
        • Garment shops
        • Restaurant
        • Fast food centre
        • Stationery
        • Gift centre
        • Sports accessories
        • Personal Cooking & Food Service
        • Provide a Yoga/meditation centre in the community premises.
        • Provide a health care centre(primary health centre).
          Maintenance  office with services  for Electricity, water, UGD, 
        • Telephone, vehicle etc. within the community premises round the clock.
        • Provide a  community  hall for conducting functions/Party to be hosted by the inmates only to their guests.

          Basis of Design, Planning CONCEPT & Deliverables on MasterPlanning /visioning efforts:

        • The practice has been asked to suggest strategic ideas for the wider area of the property and create a vision for the immediate context of gated residential community.

        • Sustainability was key to the Masterplan- at the heart of the scheme is a continuous long “public space and park system” of several acres. This open space runs along north south axis with represents one-sixth of the area development, carrying the main pedestrian and cycle routes designed with spectacular views out over the property scenic routes.
        • The idea is to locate all residential zones grouped with retail,  schools, and community facilities around these public armature.  
        • The density of development would support a robust public transport network, as well as environmentally responsible approach. Screening the heart of the parkland commons from prevailing winds was an important consideration.  Edges was designated as an area of permanent public access.

        • The masterplan proposes a new public urban space located at the central part of the property,  that engages with the surrounding buildings and will be the focal point of a major new “urban residential quarter.”  
        • This mixed-use environment will bring a wide range of activities to the area which will be more animated during the day and into the evening.
        • The proposed vision plan: highlights the need for community facilities and increased retail opportunities. By creating clearer and better designed connections between the local neighborhoods (EcoValley community hub) and its existing farm systems.


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