Saturday, August 6, 2011

: Building Physics Analysis tool: Vasari Autodesk

What is project Vasari? Build and edit free-form conceptual masses in context. You could use this tool to apply energy analysis, visualize wind speed on building mass, solar shadow studies on object mass.

Advance modelling tool by Vasari Atodesk which is similar to Rhino.
Performs solar radiation analysis.
What is Project Vasari?
 In my short introduction of Vasari, I'll try to make sense of a stripped down revit to quickly assist architects and planners to analyze buildings' mass in a work plane by push and pull its faces, forms, vertices.

This tool lets you determine wind direction and helps analyze windflow analysis. Its a kind of revit style tool without the complex routines. Vasari and Revit 2011 intersects works well like NURBs., which you could push pull surfaces.

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