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From Silicon Valley to Main Street Virginia | The White House

From Silicon Valley to Main Street Virginia | The White House

As I go through my day reflecting on how to help or create jobs around this country, Its important that we all settle and calm down.  I thought that if we can only ask the President Obama to sit down and ask Congress, Fanni Mae and Sallie Mae: Now that I realized how deep the housing problems are, there are ways we could soften the impact of the housing crisis. Here are immediate policies we could adopt on our housing problems:

  1. to adopt forbearance on homeowners who are currently unable to meet their obligations on their mortgage.
  2. Develop a specialized housing bills to deal with Bankruptcies purely about housing. To make a recourse system via our courts following 14th amendments, similar to divorce court purely on hearing the cases of homeowners before banks can foreclose the sytems of ownership. The idea is to eradicate big jump on housing prices in the neighborhood to encourage long term viability and stay of ownership rather than pure speculative housing price jumps.
  3. An idea of housing policy where 40/60 private and government enterprise enter into a partnership to promote fuel cell based and or electric charging stations are based at home and available on all gas stations perimeter. An idea of providing new grad college students study the idea of co-partnerships of incubatorship on new sustainable high rise homes and allow percentage of high density units on urban fills.
  4. An idea of housing where rents are regulated and pricing guarantees not control for students housing off campus, a partnership with university land owners and private funding must be developed.
  5. Should graduate married students be guaranteed a housing privilege. Absolutely. This problem will allow them to focus on R&D rather than seeking for profit to support their studies. It is all tied to completion of research and empowering them to incubate their new gain knowledge.

  1. Allow Banks to participate as R&D Investment Banks purely run by university grants and personnel.

  1. Provide a partnership say with mortgage lenders, and Sallie Mae Fannie Mae, to introduce policies that will encourage price stability and affordability and guaranteed price value increase after  30%, 40% 60% 80% 100% of the principals are paid.  This policy stabilizes market prices and avoid reduction in values when the policy of guaranteed future house prices are regulated based on principals paid in percentage.
  2. An idea of housing policy where solar, wind renewables are guaranteed and part of the construction processes; they should be integrated in all new developments and government must established a "guarantee" to use of clean renewables + guarantee source of clean water.

  1. Private enterprises must be encouraged through policvy of recycling all garbage, harness energy obtain from the recycling methodologies. A classic example how the SF and Bay area communities recycle and convert them to reusable source of power.
  2. An idea of "special housing zones" where there is partnership between HUD and private development, agreeing to use only renewable energies thereby Clean energy is developed and commissioned, and once savings are accrued they in turn become saving cushions which should be return as rebates or form of payment to Sallie Mae, which in turn could be used for housing improvements/credits.
  3. To ask Sallie Mae who currently owns most of the mortgages, to develop a system to allow renting the same house to homeowners. This system must be done on temporary basis so as not to create slums or abandoned millions of dwellings.
  4. Ask our HUD to create affordable and sustainable home units in every state as a trend setter of clean and renewable energy; create competitions among developers and architects on how to renovate and innovate on how clean energy could be sustain and develop.
  5. Create "an incubator" initiative tax for all R & D and develop a venue for inventors to sell their ideas and products through " private" and university enterprise. Utilize the university as home for incubators or senior projects on the GO!
  6. Develop a "partnership with companies" to sponsor entrepreneurial system of inventions or incubator system finance by dollars coming from company profits abroad and make it tax free!

  1. Create  a new transportation system that will be intelligent on our highways; both roads and infrastructures could also be intelligent to measure its maintainance systems remotely through sensors. Innovate the use of road surfacings to measure the amount of heat and recover them or store them for immediate use or could be develop to generate kinetic energy!
  2. Develop a way to measure traffic and distribute them through smart phones, Ipad or digital vehicles.
  3. Solve the housing problems by simutaneously asking banks, developers to make the homeownership affordable and let them stay in their first homes; dedicate a system of check and balance on Salie Mae.

I am inspired by Ford's ideas of the future on how we could innovate our roads, cars and clean energy and where we live and work. Understanding that idea that we are all connected and traffic jams can be avoided through smart GPS, smart phones and new urban systems of roads and cleaner fuel cell and electric cars. It may take that long but in the end we will reach our destinations. Listen to what he says on this video.

  1. Develop an initiative to develop affordable new housing and provide a density of homes that could fill up downtown housing development near schools and place of work.
  2. Provide a system requirements  of small business incubatorship among universities.
  3. I like the idea of facebook Open Ecosystem; lets encourage return of profits by companies operating globally as long as its use to develop "incubator Ecosystem" made in our USA universities and private partnerships.
  4. In housing industry, create a system to provide and use clean energy by developing companies in partnership with Funds from abroad profits!  It will bring the needed dollars and provide incentives to companies to utilize USA workforce into the systems.
  5. Allow a clear and efficient SBA loans guarantees encouraging new venture capitalism.
  6. Deploy military budget to "high speed Projects" as long as it is made in USA rail systems. Encourage R&D to develop this system similar to how we develop our NASA systems; a new mode of highways and transport systems integrated both on security and safety!  Interconnect all state highways in a central state funded Traffic control systems.
  7. Develop a national "Clean Water" and Recycled Water systems in all states!  Providing funding and income through our water and park systems.
  8. Develop a state by state standards on storing power and energy and car charging systems encouraging partnership with private companies directly monitored by agencies.

This write up by Annesh Chopra illustrates some of the discussions as she joined the Presidents council on jobs. A lot could be accomplished as we listen and understand some of the few excerpts  from her engaging journey. Read them below.

Immigrant entrepreneurs create American jobs. AOL co-founder Steve Case spoke last week on the importance of attracting and retaining top talent in the US, especially those leaders poised to run high-growth companies. He reacted favorably to the recent actions taken by the Department of Homeland Security that clarified the fact that an immigrant founder can apply for a visa.

Here’s an example of why this matters: On Friday, I met Marek, a German graduate student at Virginia Tech. He joined the campus Entrepreneurship Club and, like nearly a dozen other students, he has ventured off campus to TechPad, a recently opened shared office space with rent as low as $60 a month for "nomads" (essentially entrepreneurs who want access to a couch with Wifi and access to conference rooms). I met his two employees (a local student and one from Ohio) working on an innovative new product connecting small businesses to customers via the mobile web, which will launch this summer.

The catch? Marek is currently in the United States on a student visa that expires in December. Thanks to our recent efforts, he can apply for a 17-month extension and, possibly, an EB-2 or H1B, so he can keep creating American jobs on Main Street in Blacksburg, VA.

2) Silicon Valley’s "Open Ecosystem" fosters more American Jobs. Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg shared an interesting statistic: while Facebook employs roughly 2,600 people, mostly in Silicon Valley, a recent search on a jobs board found over 30,000 openings for "Facebook Developers." Like many other Silicon Valley growth firms, Facebook invites third-party application developers to build new products and services.

On Friday, I also met Bob Summers, the founder of a 3-FTE start-up built on the Facebook developer platform (among others) called "Friendeo." His company has yet to officially launch but has already generated hundreds of customers. In other words, Sheryl Sandberg's Silicon Valley platform is creating jobs on Main Street in Blacksburg, VA.

3) America's "So-Lo-Mo" (social-local-mobile) industry creates jobs. In Silicon Valley, iconic venture capitalist John Doerr shared his report card on the American economy. His top-ranked category - earning an "A" - is the market for social, local, and mobile apps.

On Friday, I met Aaron and David from Modea, a world-class ad agency that’s been growing 70+ percent a year for the past two years helping brands connect with their customers by harnessing the Internet, especially the mobile web. The 5-year-old firm employs 82 people in Blacksburg, and is preparing to move to an old school building capable of supporting the 200+ employees they project bringing on board in the near future.

Thanks to the leveling effect of the Internet, firms in the job-growing "So-Lo-Mo" market can create American jobs from anywhere, not just Silicon Valley. In fact, Modea fully intends to compete with the more traditional firms in its industry and has successfully relocated senior talent from New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and other metropolitan markets because the company has proven successful in Blacksburg, VA.

The President understands the importance of high-growth entrepreneurship as an important channel for job creation. Programs like Startup Americaand our "Open Innovation" work tap into the entrepreneurial spirit of the American people to commercialize research and solve big challenges in health, energy, education and manufacturing.

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